Hey how are ya’ll doing?
I am coming at you strong and true,
Keeping it real and never lying….
Fixing relationships all the place,
and learning to save GRACE,
Because God and Jesus came to save the DAY!
So this is how I feel about the subject of LOVE,
When LOVE is TRUE it feels do good inside and out,
When and doubt never let love go,
Just hold onto tight and never let love go to waste,
Because LOVE
Falls strong from the heavens above,
and has the angels singing!
Ah my LOVE,
don’t ever take it away or keep it too far away from the LOVE that stricktly saves the day….
(Singing) Friends before Lovers,
Don’t give up the sex because that’s when the devil comes out to play
So keep the haters away,
and let love stay


I am who I am loving myself and kids,
Ya’ll haters started hating and now I am finishing this,
I am serious about finishing school,
and that’s what I am about,
So keep hating on me if you want too,
Just know that I would never hate on any of you.
I act a fool because I am proud to be in mental Help.
I love the bay,
and the valley,
but I shall finish this off by myself,
Because I already have the real help and that’s loving myself first,
others last……
Look deep within yourself and that’s loving your inner most help.
So now my guys act like they don’t know me but I am never ever lonely.
Just act mad at times because my eyes may look hazy,
Because I used to blaze one up,
They tried to kick me out of school,
but I followed all the rules and I will be back on monday,
Baby don’t be mad just pay me!!!!!

Your momma keeps telling me that I need to get a real job…..
what’s up with that?
Tell her to mind her own buisness no disrespect tho’
I love her too but I have a right to my opioinion
Just know that I am almost done with all my careers,
and if they throw me in mental health one more time…..
I will surley go on a marthon to infinity and beyond,
and will never come back to face any one of you….
Don’t take it personally it’s the truth.
I am chasing my dreams and getting every career made possiable so people won’t be able to walk all over me anymore!
So tell your momma that I am in charge of me and I am no longer arguing with her anymore,
I am not in competition with her but i am not going to be tested anymore.
If you can’t move out of her house than I gotta go my own way,
and build my own foundation because I can play dumb real well….
Hello? Get a clue?
I just do that to get over you!

I have no excuse for abuse in my life anymore,
because I am so much better than that,
So the mental abuse and the physical abuse no longer has an excuse in my life any more.
I just push the abuse out of my life and I am no longer going back to any of that.
You can try to run game on me if you want to,
I simply am not falling for any of it,
I am no longer sick mentally,
I am so much stronger now physically,
I have no excuse for abuse in my life anymore,
I simply put the devil back out the door.

Blessings in the Sky that fell upon me,
so softly and so gently.
It picked me up when I fell down when my knees seemed to give out.
I was reaching out for help and didn’t know exactly where to start.
So I started loving myself and I started to feel alot better.
My cloudy skies were no longer hazy,
and I started to see clearly again since the fog was gone.
Now I take time to send the praises out to the Lord God above.
Thank God I got Blessings in the Sky,
So now that I am on the road to sucess and happiness i shall;
Never stop forever running until I reach the very top,
Never stop nor shall I ever quit until this princess gets exactly what she needs,
That’s her life back to finally represent.
Why you ask?
Simply because I am a WOMAN of WAR…..and I am a WOMAN OF WISDOM:
And that’s exactly who I am….
Who I shall forever be…..
Thanking God everyday in each and every way…….
Never got to be the Woman that I wanted to BE…..
because others seemed to always get in the way of letting me,
and I let others dictate my life for me!!!!!!
so pay attention please…..
If you want to be REAL you got to be real to YOURSELF first….
Than you got to represent others LAST!
If you don’t help yourself first,
Who else is going to help you?
None, because when you actually take a look at yourself than you can do anything you put your heart into.
Never Stop being REAL always being the GREATEST!!!!!!!
No one ever Paid attention to me except when I started paying Attention to myself.
Thank God for waking me up today,
Going to sleep than waking myself up…..
Ah-choo……I said God BLESS you!
Thank God for making me the Woman that I am and who I want to Be…..
Successful and be all that I can BE!!!!!!
I am a real Woman and this isn’t no one’s life except mines…….
And I shall be all that I can be for ME, mines, and the rest of my family.
The greatest gift of all is making me the Woman who I am and that’s REAL…….
R= Real excited about living LIFE
E= Emma
A= amazing
L= Laugh out Loud
This means to be happy!!!!!!!!!!!
Loving God never hurt anyone except make me Run……live life to the fullest……
And represent me……
Thank God for all the blessings in the Sky!!!!!!

Haters are every where

Take a look around and notice that Haters are all around….
Up and down…..all around
Smile and they frown
But Haters are what make my world go around!
They make life better for me because it’s what is best for me…
To help the haters recognize the life is short and can be progressed as long as they take it to the limit
And give it the very BEST!
I live my life to the fullest to each and everyday….
To make the world a better place and do what’s best for me, and for the family’s life!
In order to survive we must first notice that we first lived life in our own eyes,
Than we must give up the life in order to live a new life!
That doesn’t mean we have to DIE…..it only means change the life we once used to live than make the best out of the place you chose to live!
I am going to change my LIFE such as I am now…..
And find my true self!
That means I must keep on my journey the best way that I know how…..
And keep these haters on the prowl!
Live my life to the fullest the best way that I know how…..
But keep me away from the haters that love to prowl.

Family and friends: may your eyes be open, and your HEART be renewed, and find the HAPPINESS that you DECIDE TO PURSUE IN LIFE,” eMmA mAe

Forgiveness is such an important subject that I feel compelled to spend some time explaining its significance. When we hold something unforgiven inside, we are nurturing anger, hatred and resentment or maybe even guilt. These emotions lock us into the moment, continually reliving events, over time all this emotion can become suppressed into the subconscious, but they are still there, consuming our mental and life energy. Until we release ourselves from this cycle, it may prove impossible to move forward.
If you or your life is “stuck”, then it is well worth looking back to see if there is anything unforgiven in your past. Remember to forgive everyone, especially yourself. So many people trudge through their lives burdened with guilt for this or that, forgive yourself and let it go.

It is not the events of life but how we respond to them that defines the joy and success of our lives.